Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 26

Autism Parenting Magazine
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Airports and Travelling – A Dozen Things to Remember by Jessica Campbell

Anova, Empowering Children - Supporting Families - Strengthening Communities by Debi Taylor

Fighting for Autism by Amy KD Tobik

Making Memories - Family-Friendly Craft Ideas by Tracy Oxley and Debra Henken-Strigaro

5 Tips for Helping the Entire Family Relax During the Holidays by Dawn Potter

Giving the Gift of Music - Top 10 Therapeutically-Beneficial Musical Toys by John Mews, BMT, MA, MFTI

12 Joyful Moments of 2014 - A Year in Review by Amy KD Tobik

Is This the Right Time? by Lisa Timms, MS Special Education

The Remarkable Results of Qigong Massage by Sophie Durocher-Noel, OT

Keeping Your Child Safe: Teaching Street Crossing by Alexandra J. Rogers, Ph.D. Anaheim Hills Psychological Services

Independence for Employment Using Reference and Technology by Chantal M. Charron M.A. CCC-SLP, Jane Burke M.A. Special Education and Bob Steinkamp Ed.S Special Education

New Victory Theater presents Autism-Friendly Theater

Help: My Child Came Home with Bite Marks by Angelina M., MS BCBA

Maintaining a Good Balance on a Gluten- and Casein-Free Diet by Elouise Robinson, Autism Food Club

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