Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 12

Autism Parenting Magazine
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Grandparents and Autism by Kimberlee McCafferty
A Weekend Away by B’s dad
Divorce, Autism, and Blended Families by Nick Malcuit
Event Recap by Leslie A. Burby
oliday Gift Giving Guide by Leslie A. Burby
+Fitting Fitness into the ASD Household by Eric Chessen
Relax Bottle/Timeout Timer by Johanna Spaulding
Book in the Spotlight: Rules by Trev’s Mom
Saving My Sensory Hide by Alyssa of
Q&A Section by Leslie A. Burby and Trev’s Mom
Music Therapy is not Music Lessons by John Mews
Seek-N-Find by McNall Mason
No Longer a Threatt by Charlie Threatt
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43 pages
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