Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 11

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What is Your Child for Halloween by Ewa Sroslak

Masquerade by Renee Salas

Interview Caroline and Kyle Coleman by Leslie Burby

Social Story about Trick-or-Treating by Leslie A. Burby

Staying on Track at School by Brian Katkin of

Autism in the News by Leslie A. Burby

Don’t Desensitize - Recognize by Jaclyn Hunt

Book in the Spotlight: Editorial Review of Raising Cubby by John Elder Robison

Q&A Section – How do I make activity schedules on iPads? by Ceymi Doenyas

Tackling Tactile Dysfunction by Leslie A. Burby

Autism’s First Child by Kimberlee McCafferty

Happy Halloween Indeed! by Meghan Graham

Seek-N-Find by McNall Mason

Late Diagnosis by Cynthia Kim

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Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 11

0 ratings
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