Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 3

Autism Parenting Magazine
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Issue 3 - A focus on the Parents of Children with Autism as well as Parents that have Autism Themselves.

How you can help a special needs Parent by Rob Gorski
An interview with Dr. John Pagano on Qi Gong Sensory Therapy
Video Demonstration of Qi Gong Sensory Therapy in action
How One moth of three copes by Leigh Forbes
Tips for Parents on the Spectrum by Cynthia Kim
Why Asperger's Syndrome won't exist in May 2013 by Leslie Burby
Q&A How to prepare yourself to parent when you have Autism by Leslie Burby
Book in the Spotlight: Emotional Mastery For Adults With Aspergers by Leslie Burby
Food for though by Leslie Burby
In the news: Hope for bullied kids on the Autism Spectrum
 Funny Things your kids say and do
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